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Get to know about the unique musical instrument hang drum

There are plenty of musical instruments all over the world and each of them will be having a unique specialization and sound. The hang drum is one of the unique instruments which is belongs to the idiophone class. The instrument is created by Sabine Scharer and Felix Rohner in Switzerland. Actually the hand drum is generally known as Hang but most of the people use to refer this instrument in the name of hang drum. However, the inventors of this instrument consider the hang drum is a misnomer and they did not encourage using this name.

How hang drum is constructed?

The hang drum is a result of years of research performed with steel pan and many other musical instruments. Before finalizing the shape of the hang drum, the inventors have developed different variations of hang drum musical instruments and finally they brought out this shape.

  • The hang drum is constructed by two half shells of nitrided steel sheet in the form of deep drawing. The sheet will be glued at the rim and it will be having a UFO shape.
  • There will be a center note on the top side of the instrument. Meanwhile around eight tone fields have been hammered in the center.
  • The bottom of the instrument will be left as a plain surface and it will be having a hole in the center along with tuned note.
  • Actually the hang drum has some of the physical principles of a steel pan but it has been modified in order to act as Helmholtz resonator.